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Below are written statements from clients describing their experience of working with me and what they found particularly helpful and beneficial.


Phobias, Fears, Fear of Flying, Anxiety, and Panic Attacks.

I’ve suffered anxiety and panic attacks on and off all my life and this had ended up manifesting it in a fear of flying and other claustrophobic situations such as traffic jams. I contacted Nikki to discuss whether she might be able to help me with these issues as they were beginning to affect my day to day activities and relationships.
After a couple of hypnotherapy sessions I began to feel the benefit of sleeping better and a general reduction in overall stress levels. Now after completing our agreed course I’m able to handle those situations with relative ease that previously caused me a lot of problems.
Nikki is a very understanding, calm and empathetic therapist with a non-judgemental manner that really helped me to relax. She expressed things in terms I could understand and really helped me to engage and buy-in to the treatment.
I would happily recommend Nikki as a therapist. Les R, Nunney, Somerset.

I decided to see Nikki to tackle several issues including anxiety (mostly surrounding driving), and lack of confidence and assertiveness. I noticed a difference within the first couple of sessions and upon completing my course of treatment I now feel like she has given me the tools to tackle any issue.
Nikki is always prompt with her communication and explains each step thoroughly. I particularly like that she uses a range of techniques to target specific issues and I left each session feeling positive, hopeful, and well rested. I would recommend hypnotherapy to everyone!Emily, Dorset

Anxiety, Stress and Low Mood

. “I have suffered anxiety for many years and with an increasingly more stressful work life it began to become something I could no longer manage on my own. The hypnotherapy sessions first taught me how to relax, which had a hugely positive impact on my stress levels. This allowed me to address my stress and anxiety and put into place achievable strategies to overcome this debilitating affliction. I use these strategies daily and I am so grateful to Nikki for the work we did together. Nikki is experienced, knowledgeable and fantastic at what she does.” Karen, Bristol.

“I can’t say enough, just how much Hypnotherapy has helped with my depression and associated issues. It’s changed my life, I now have one.” Sarah, Shaftesbury.

"These sessions, together with meditation on a regular basis has helped me move on from depression that had been with me for some time. I now feel very strong again.” J.M, Dorset.

"After I had a stroke in 2013, I had been feeling progressively down. I didn’t know why or for how long. I didn’t want to see anybody or go out. However, from the first meeting with Nikki I felt my spirits lift. This was before any treatment, just talking to her gave me the hope that I would soon be back to normal. This proved to be true as after 6 sessions with Nikki, all was back to normal. I did ‘the homework’ she set me, which I must admit I didn’t see the point of at the time and this coupled with the therapy sessions did the trick. Life is good again. I recommend Nikki if you should find yourself in need, as I did". Fred R, Dorset.

"When I needed some help to climb out of a dark hole I found Nikki. She is a warm friendly person who immediately put me at my ease and subsequently supported me to work through my issues in an empathic and creative way. I enjoyed completing my ‘homework’ and every session with Nikki, confident in her professional knowledge and experience and catching her infectious enthusiasm for learning more about brains and how they work. Throughout the process Nikki gave me the tools to enable me to continue moving forwards and I am feeling positive and optimistic again. It helps to know I can see Nikki for a top up at any time". Pauline, Dorset.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Anxiety

“When I first met Nikki I was very nervous but straight away I was put at ease by her calmness. I was there to help with my IBS/anxiety. Hypnotherapy helped to calm my mind down and make things more positive, which in turn calmed down my tummy. Each visit I came away more positive and more upbeat.” Cheryl, Shaftesbury.

Weight Loss, Making Changes, Implementing Goals, Enhancing Sleep and Enhancing Health

“I decided to have Clinical Hypnotherapy in order to get back to work after moving and having small children. Nikki helped me to focus on what was obtainable and desirable for me at this stage in my life and how to achieve it in a positive and non-coercive way. Nikki helps you to clear your mind and rethink what is possible and you then feel empowered to implement your changes and ideas, whilst having the back up of a sensitive therapist to talk and reflect with. Hypnotherapy is a very relaxing process and not at all frightening and I always feel calm after it. I am now back at work and really enjoying life and am busy enough without being overwhelmed. I would and have recommend Nikki to friends, colleagues and patients as I think she and her process are excellent”. Frances, Dorset.

I originally went to Nikki for massage on my neck due to osteoarthritis. After a few sessions she treated me holistically with hypnosis to address lifestyle choices and changes for my overall health. I found her approach supportive and helpful while we addressed together some longstanding issues of self-esteem and assertively making choices, which felt right for me. Since ceasing my therapy, I have continued to use the strategies I discovered to be helpful to me, and have made some life changing decisions recently, without the angst they would have engendered before I saw Nikki. I’ve made the decision to make better choices about my overall health regarding sleep, diet, exercise and weight loss, all of which is working well.What Nikki’s therapy has given me is, not only the strategies, but the belief that I can identify and achieve the goals I want for myself. She seemed accepting, non-judgemental, honest and warm in her approach creating a safe environment to explore very personal issues. Lesley, Shaftesbury.

Confidence and Work Presentation

“Nikki was very useful in helping me to boost my confidence before making a major work presentation. She is very easy to talk to and I am grateful for the invaluable help she gave me.” Alison, Shaftesbury.

Children and Restoring Confidence

“After having my hypnotherapy sessions I felt a whole lot more confident than I did before. It has really helped me and I can now speak to more people without feeling scared.” A.S, aged 13.

M. E. and Restoring Confidence.

"I first heard of Nikki from a friend who had seen her for help. I had suffered from M.E. for a couple of years at a very busy time in my life and although I had recovered a lot, I was finding my confidence in myself and my body had taken a massive knock. I decided to see if Nikki could help as I believe our minds/brains play a massive part in our overall well-being. I am so glad that I made that decision as Nikki has helped me to restore my lost confidence. The techniques Nikki uses are simple and very effective and if you do them, they work very well. I enjoyed the sessions and although I am better I still use these techniques, having added them into my daily life and plan to leave them there". Amy, Dorset.

Headaches and Migraines

"I saw Nikki for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy to see if it would help me with headaches and migraines for which I have always suffered. It reduced my headaches in frequency and severity after learning techniques to relax and stay positive. Even months after my sessions finished I still continue with the techniques and benefit from all that I learnt. I enjoyed my sessions and found Nikki not only easy to get on with but also very professional". Miss Stone, Dorset.

Exams and Driving Tests

"I came to see Nikki initially with exam anxiety, she made me feel completely at ease and helped me find ways to overcome not just the exam but general stress relief and relaxation. Nikki taught me techniques that I now use regularly to manage my stress levels – I am so pleased that I sent the initial email and made the decision to work with Nikki! Jana, Shaftesbury.

Before I met Nikki I was unconvinced on how hypnotherapy might be able to help me. But she completely changed my mind through her calm, relaxed, thorough and positive approach to helping me create a more positive outlook. Her friendly approach and attention to detail when assessing what approach to take was impressive and led to a successful outcome. I would recommend her to anyone". A, Dorset.

Relaxation and Golf

"I am a 70 year old, old school sceptic, who thought of giving hypnotherapy a try without much faith in how it would benefit me. Being old school and as I was paying, I was determined to give it 100% even though I was still sceptical. Much to my surprise I am now a more relaxed person with a more positive view about life. And an added bonus has been that it has improved my golf game. Thank you, Nikki". George, Dorset.

Lowering Stress & Anxiety, Improving Mood, Headaches, Backache, Digestive Issues and Symptoms of the Menopause

I was at a particularly stressful point in my life, both physically and emotionally, when I started to see Nikki. With her calm, empathic and professional approach she quickly gained my trust. This enabled us to start each session with a debrief of my concerns from which Nikki was able to focus on the relevant treatment. After the very first session I felt more relaxed and from there on, I made steady improvement with anxiety and confidence issues. Nikki has helped me enormously and I cannot recommend her more highly. C Bruce.

“A friend recommended Nikki to me several years ago and I have been seeing her for regular treatments ever since. I’ve benefitted enormously from her help and credit her with helping me get back on my feet. Nikki’s treatments are very gentle, like Nikki herself, yet also extremely powerful. I usually have a combination of Reiki and Reflexology. Reiki is both energising and yet very relaxing (in particular it helps with my headaches) and the Precision Reflexology is one of the most powerful treatments I have ever experienced – Nikki always picks up on whatever is currently happening within my body with an almost uncanny accuracy, and works on improving my health and well-being. Nikki is a skilled and professional practitioner with a lovely manner and a natural empathy. I have complete trust in her and am happy to recommend her.” Lizzie, Mere.

“I first met Nikki when I was suffering from severe stress several years ago. I found that Reflexology helped me a lot. I still have regular treatments, this helps me to get a lot of things in proportion and I would not want to stop it!” Mrs A, Dorset.

“Nikki is a highly professional and very intuitive practitioner. Her aromatherapy and reflexology treatments are deeply relaxing and I know that I am in safe hands with her.” Stella, Dorset.

“I have found reflexology to be extremely effective, enabling me to deeply relax and manage stress. The treatments have proved particularly helpful with my headaches and stomach/bowel problems.” J.S, Shaftesbury.

I have been seeing Nikki now for the last 5 years. I first went to Nikki for Reflexology to help with my IBS. Since then I have been going every 6 weeks which has helped me balance out my body when work and my life has been stressful. Not only is Nikki good at her job, she always makes time to ask me how I am feeling, provides solid advice and help me look at things in a different way. The last 2 years I have been going through the menopause with regular hot flushes, difficulty sleeping, anxiety, mood swings and depression. Nikki has been helpful in getting me through this and recommending yoga, breathing exercises and meditation, which I have now incorporated into my daily routine. Without Nikki's support and advice, I do not think that I would be coping as well as I am now. M.B, Dorset.

Hypnobirthing and Pregnancy Reflexology

Following the traumatic birth of our son 5 years ago both my husband and I were extremely scared. I adore being a Mum and never thought I would stop at one child. Therefore, it was a massive decision to decide to have another child. I had heard about hypnobirthing from a friend and thought it was worth a try. The hypnobirthing left me feeling positive about my pregnancy. I found myself feeling anxious so religiously listened to the hypnobirthing tracks Nikki provided for me. Hypnobirthing gave me to tools to remain calm between contractions and this contributed to me having such a quick labour. Hypnobirthing helped me immensely through the early stages of labour and throughout my pregnancy. I really would recommend it. Thank you Nikki! Kirsty Ledbury, Gillingham.

I chose to try hypnobirthing because my first birth left me fearful and worried. Having weekly hypnobirthing sessions with Nikki was the best preparation I could have done for the birth of my daughter. Hypnobirthing changed the way I felt and thought about birthing. I had a better understanding of what was happining to my body physically and how a positive mental attitude could help make birthing an empowering experience.

Thanks to a calm and focused mindset, my birth was exactly what I wanted it to be even though things didn't go "according to plan". An induction was my biggest fear. So when I waas told that I needed one it was the hypnobirthing techniques that Nikki taught me which made the two-day wait in the hospital easier to deal with. In the birthing room I willed each contraction knowing I had the breathing techniques to cope. In the moments of delivery the midwife said I was really controlled. I couldn't have wished for a more perfect birth.

Nikki's hypnobirthing sessions played a major role in making the birth of our daughter the best experience of my life. I would highly recommend Nikki, Ninna Frome.

‘I visited Nikki in the weeks leading up to giving birth to my daughter and found reflexology tremendously helpful and calming. Nikki was really supportive throughout my pregnancy and I believe her treatments were fundamental in having a calm labour!' Tina, Gillingham.

Nikki is wonderful and so supportive and helped with my grief following the loss of a close relative and the anxiety I was struggling with at work. Hypnotherapy and Reflexology, helped me through IVF attempts and I genuinely believe led to a successful pregnancy. I would (and have) recommend these treatments to everyone I know and I would highly recommend Nikki who definitely helped me change my life for the better.” Vicky, Dorset..

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