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"What lies before us and what lies behind us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us", Henry Stanley Hoskins

I am a professionally qualified Hypnobirthing practitioner, Reflexologist and Hypnotherapist in Somerset and Dorset. I offer Hypnobirthing, Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and Reflexology in Frome, near Warminster, Salisbury, Towbridge and Bradford-on-Avon in Somerset and Wiltshire, as well as in Shaftesbury, near Gillinham, Dorset..

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy focuses on finding solutions to problems, to change your life to how you want it to be. As an experienced Hypnotherapist in Somerset, I help people make positive changes to overcome problems and achieve goals.

Would you like to overcome anxiety, fears or phobias?

Raise your mood, confidence and self-esteem?

Achieve your goals with weight loss, presentations and exams?

Do you need help with stress, Sleep, IBS or the Menopause?

Would Hypnobirthing help you to prepare for the birth of your baby?

Reflexology is a safe way to support the body and mind in achieving better health. Sessions provide a wonderful way of dealing with challenges to our health, and to begin to turn things around. I often work with people, at times when life becomes quite challenging and offer a gentle, positive approach

Would you like support with stress or anxiety?

Or are you coping with illness, low energy or pain?

Or are you experiencing menopause, PMS or pregnancy issues?

Reflexology can be an effective treatment alone or can also be combined with Hypnotherapy.

As a Reflexologist and Hypnotherapist in Somerset, I have many years’ experience in helping people and I am passionate about supporting people on their journey in life, to over-come difficulties, enhance health, and live the best life possible. I have also enjoyed working for many years in Women's Health, with Hypnobirthing and with Reflexology and Hypnotherapy for the Menopause.

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The good news is that Hypnotherapy, Reflexology and Hypnobirthing , can help you to lower stress levels, achieve your goals and enhance your health & well-being.

Hypnobirthing, Reflexology & Hypnotherapy in Frome, near Warminster & Shaftesbury, near Gillingham

As a Reflexologist and Hypnotherapist in Somerset and Dorset, I find it a great privilege to work with my clients and so wonderfully rewarding to be able to be part of that empowering journey.

I find it wonderful to see how Hypnotherapy, Reflexology and Hypnobirthing, in Shaftesbury and Frome, can really enhance people’s lives.

What my clients say...…The first two testimonials below were written for me a few weeks ago:……….

I first started seeing Nikki after feeling that I was in a hamster wheel and unable to get off. I have a busy family life and professional life, working as a mental health nurse. Nikki and I looked at my life and what basics I needed to focus on to go forward. The time and space provided by Nikki enabled the process of taking care of myself to start.

Nikki’s expertise and willingness to look at the whole person benefits each individual who chooses to work with her. I felt the process helped me to lower anxiety/ stress and to re-gain control over my life. Nikki was also able to treat my daughter with amazing results.

Just a note to those who are reading this - deciding whether to go ahead. Look how many times ‘I’ is written in this piece - only you can choose to look after yourself and give yourself the time - you are worth it. Nicole, Dorset.

I wanted to write to say how amazing you have been over lockdown. The process of logging onto Zoom is so easy and it only take two clicks for me to meet with you. I have found the hypnotherapy sessions to be exactly as they are when we meet in person but it is from the comfort of my own home (which is lovely). You have been excellent at working out exactly what I need to help me feel better. I feel as relaxed and calm as ever after the hypnotherapy and have recommended it to others. Thankyou for your kindness and support during what has been a challenging time and without you it would have been much more stressful. I am feeling in better health, supported emotionally, more relaxed and positive than before and I am so grateful for our sessions together. Thankyou so much Nikki. From Vicky, Gillingham..

Phobias, Fears, Fear of Flying, Anxiety, and Panic Attacks.

I’ve suffered anxiety and panic attacks on and off all my life and this had ended up manifesting it in a fear of flying and other claustrophobic situations such as traffic jams. I contacted Nikki to discuss whether she might be able to help me with these issues as they were beginning to affect my day to day activities and relationships.
After a couple of hypnotherapy sessions in Frome, I began to feel the benefit of sleeping better and a general reduction in overall stress levels. Now after completing our agreed course I’m able to handle those situations with relative ease that previously caused me a lot of problems.
Nikki is a very understanding, calm and empathetic therapist with a non-judgemental manner that really helped me to relax. She expressed things in terms I could understand and really helped me to engage and buy-in to the treatment.
I would happily recommend Nikki as a hypnotherapist. Les R, Nunney, Somerset.

"When I needed some help to climb out of a dark hole I found Nikki. She is a warm friendly hypnotherapist, who immediately put me at my ease and subsequently supported me to work through my issues in an empathic and creative way. Throughout the process Nikki gave me the tools to enable me to continue moving forwards and I am feeling positive and optimistic again." Pauline, Dorset.

“Nikki is a highly professional and very intuitive practitioner. Her reflexology treatments are deeply relaxing and I know that I am in safe hands with her.” Stella, Dorset.

I was at a particularly stressful point in my life, both physically and emotionally, when I started to see Nikki. With her calm, empathic and professional approach she quickly gained my trust. This enabled us to start each session with a debrief of my concerns from which Nikki was able to focus on the relevant treatment. After the very first session I felt more relaxed and from there on, I made steady improvement with anxiety and confidence issues. Nikki has helped me enormously and I cannot recommend her more highly. C Bruce.

Hypnobirthing - The Birth of Ethan Lance, at 8lb and 2oz!

Following the traumatic birth of our son 5 years ago both my husband and I were extremely scared. I adore being a Mum and never thought I would stop at one child. Therefore, it was a massive decision to decide to have another child. I had heard about hypnobirthing from a friend and thought it was worth a try. The hypnobirthing left me feeling positive about my pregnancy. I found myself feeling anxious so religiously listened to the hypnobirthing tracks Nikki provided for me. Hypnobirthing gave me to tools to remain calm between contractions and this contributed to me having such a quick labour. Hypnobirthing helped me immensely through the early stages of labour and throughout my pregnancy. I really would recommend it. Thank you Nikki! Kirsty Ledbury, Gillingham

Reflexology for Pregnancy

‘I visited Nikki in the weeks leading up to giving birth to my daughter and found pregnancy reflexology tremendously helpful and calming. Nikki was really supportive throughout my pregnancy and I believe her treatments were fundamental in having a calm labour!' Tina, Gillingham

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To book Hypnobirthing, Reflexology or Hypnotherapy in Frome, near Warminster in Somerset or in Shaftesbury, near Gillingham in Dorset, click here to email me or phone 0779 913 7378 to see how I can help and take a key step towards positive change and empowerment!