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Preparation for  Childbirth. Pregnant Lady


A Fantastic Preparation
for Childbirth

It is always a privilege to work with women during their pregnancies and help them prepare for the birth of their babies. I am very joyful to be involved in such an amazing and miraculous field of work.

  • Feel more prepared

  • Feel more in control

  • Feel excited

  • Look forward to the birth of your baby

  • Preparation for  Childbirth. hypnobirth

    If you would like to have some support and help at this special time, I would be delighted to hear from you.

    I am proud to have trained with KG Hypnobirthing and Fertility2Birth, which together with my experience as a hypnotherapist allows me create a bespoke package individually tailored for you!.

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    Please see below for the benefits clinical research has found for women using hypnosis for birth.

    Solution Focused Hypnotherapy for childbirth uses a combination of
    hypnosis and positive visualisation, together with relaxation techniques and the use of special relaxation CD’s to use in-between sessions.

    This process allows you to learn wonderful relaxation techniques and self-hypnosis. This simple but powerful combination, together with listening to the hypnobirthing tracks allows you to relax deeply, promoting the wonderful hormones that prepare you to follow your own intuition, tune into your body and choose the birth you want. Hypnosis also allows you to let go of any fears or worries in a gentle and supported way. In addition, beautiful visualisations are used to focus on all the positives, enhancing the connection with your baby, whilst emabling you to be calm and in control.


  • Encourage Deep Relaxation

  • Lower anxiety and worry about the birth of your baby

  • Balance emotions and raise mood

  • Feel excited and looking forward to the birth of your baby

  • Raise energy levels and encourage restful sleep

  • Feel more prepared and control

  • These sessions give you time to talk about your very special time and to receive all the support you need. Discussions about how best to prepare for labour, including best positions to adopt, questions to ask, birth plans, exercise, nutrition, pelvic floor exercises and perineal massage, together with any other concerns you have, can all be included.

    Hypnosis can be effective in helping you to feel relaxed, empowered and more in control at this very special time!

    Preparation for  Childbirth. Baby


    The Birth of Ethan Lance, at 8lb and 2oz!

    Following the traumatic birth of our son 5 years ago both my husband and I were extremely scared. I adore being a Mum and never thought I would stop at one child. Therefore, it was a massive decision to decide to have another child. I had heard about hypnobirthing from a friend and thought it was worth a try. The hypnobirthing left me feeling positive about my pregnancy. I found myself feeling anxious so religiously listened to the hypnobirthing tracks Nikki provided for me. Hypnobirthing gave me to tools to remain calm between contractions and this contributed to me having such a quick labour. Hypnobirthing helped me immensely through the early stages of labour and throughout my pregnancy. I really would recommend it. Thank you Nikki! Kirsty Ledbury, Gillingham

    The Birth of Ottillie, at 8lb 6oz!

    “I chose to try hypnobirthing because my first birth left me fearful and worried. Having weekly hypnobirthing sessions with Nikki was the best preparation I could have done for the birth of my daughter.

    Hypnobirthing changed the way I felt and thought about birthing. I had a better understanding of what was happening to my body physically and how a positive mental attitude could help make birthing an empowering experience.

    Thanks to a calm and focused mindset, my birth was exactly what I wanted it to be, even though things didn’t go ‘according to my original plan’. An induction was my biggest fear. So when I was told that I needed one, it was the hypnobirthing techniques that Nikki taught me which made the two-day wait in the hospital easier to deal with.

    In the birthing room I willed each contraction knowing I had the breathing techniques to cope with each of them. In the moments of delivery the midwife said I was really controlled. I couldn’t have wished for a more perfect birth.

    Nikki’s hypnobirthing sessions played a major role in making the birth of our daughter the best experience of my life. I would highly recommend Nikki as a hypnotherapist.” Nina, Frome

    Clinical research has shown that for women using hypnosis for birth there is a:

  • Reduction in length of labour – Studies showed a reduction from 9.3 hours to 6.4 hours for first time mums, and 6.2 hours to 5.3 hours for second time + mums

  • Less reported pain – Mothers gave an average of 6 on a self scoring model of 0 – 10 with 10 being the highest.

  • Reduction in medical intervention and use of forceps – Studies reported an 84 – 99% rate of spontaneous non surgical deliveries.

  • Reduced caesarean rate – Studies reported caesarean rates of between 5 – 8% compared with the national average of 24%.

  • Reduced need for pharmacological anaesthesia/analgesia – Studies reported a 55% – 79% rate of non medicated births.

  • In addition research showed that for women who used hypnosis but then needed any chemical anaesthetics, it is administered more easily and smaller amounts were needed to have the same clinical effect.

  • Patients using hypnosis and positive visualisations before and during childbirth have noticed many benefits. Among the most usual are:

  • Deeper and more restful sleep both before and after the birth

  • Feeling less worried and anxious about the birth

  • Less worried about life issues in general

  • Fewer digestive problems and less heartburn

  • Lower blood pressure – this can be immensely important to anyone susceptible to high blood pressure, which causes pre-eclampsia.

  • Labour more often than not begins spontaneously and there is less need for an induction.

  • When fewer or no drugs are used there is less risk of side effects for both mother and baby.

  • Labour is shorter. When the mother is relaxed and not in pain the muscles in the uterus contract more strongly. Pain can create resistance in the muscles to contract.

  • Oxytocin levels, the hormone in control of the strength and duration of the contractions, are as they should be and not reduced by stress.

  • A shorter, relaxed labour means that the mother has more energy.

  • When suggestions have been absorbed during trance for being able to stay relaxed and in control no matter what happens, the mother can remain calm, stay in trance and work with the hospital staff in a manner that helps everyone.The atmosphere in the labour ward remains peaceful and tranquil.

  • Generally fewer interventions are needed and fewer complications arise.

  • Babies sleep and feed better when they have fewer drugs in their systems.

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