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I am a professionally qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Complementary Therapist and I have a private practice, in Shaftesbury and in Frome.

I have many years’ experience in helping people overcome their difficulties and achieve their goals. I find it a great privilege to work with my clients and amazing to have found Solution Focused Hypnotherapy - a positive, empowering therapy, which can be extremely effective in helping people make powerful and lasting change. Over the years I have also enjoyed seeing how Complementary Therapies can really support and enhance people’s lives.

Sometimes life’s experiences can have a real impact on us, affecting how we feel about ourselves and every area of our lives. We may find that worries and stress build up over a period of time resulting in difficulties, such as anxiety, phobias, low mood, depression, IBS, low confidence or low self-esteem. Or it may be that you are experiencing a natural cycle of life, such as fertility, pregnancy or the menopause and would like support with this journey.

Solution Focused Clinical Hypnotherapy can help with these and other conditions because it is a safe, modern, research based combination of psychotherapy and hypnosis, focusing on solutions that can enable people to move forwards, reach their full potential and enjoy life again.        

Life’s situations and stresses can take their toll and lead to symptoms such as, fatigue, back pain, migraine and low mood. Or you may just want support with a difficult time of life. Reflexology and Facial Reflexology can provide safe and gentle ways to help to ease unwanted symptoms, give you the support you need and allow you to feel good again.

“Research shows that there is more evidence for hypnotherapy than any other complementary therapy… by using hypnosis people can perform prodigious feats of willpower and self-healing,” Health Authority.





Nikki Hutchinson


"“I have suffered anxiety for many years and with an increasingly more stressful work life it began to become something I could no longer manage on my own. The hypnotherapy sessions first taught me how to relax, which had a hugely positive impact on my stress levels. This allowed me to address my stress and anxiety and put into place achievable strategies to overcome this debilitating affliction. I use these strategies daily and I am so grateful to Nikki for the work we did together. Nikki is experienced, knowledgeable and fantastic at what she does.”  Karen, Bristol.

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