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Clinical Reflexology. Reflexology

Clinical Reflexology

Thousands of physicians across the globe have been using reflexology for generations, with some very successful results. Similar to acupuncture and acupressure it is based on the principle that there are reflex points on the feet; a lot of them, all corresponding to organs, glands and other part of the body.

The stimulation of these points has an influence on the on the body’s own vital energy which in turn encourages the body to nurture and heal itself. Reflexology works very well alongside mainstream healthcare and can be received by anyone at any age, from newborn babies to those receiving end of life care, and everyone in between. Specific pressure/massage techniques are used on the reflex points, which encourages the release of tension and energy blockages, the correction of imbalances and the elimination of toxins.

From ancient texts and illustrations we know that the early Egyptians, Japanese, Chinese and Russians worked on the feet to promote good health, so similar therapies have been used hundreds of years. Reflexology helps to induce deep relaxation, which can be soothing for many ailments and as such, can be a powerful therapy for any stress-related problems.

Do you need time just for you? These sessions provide a safe confidential space, time to be listened too and time to relax. A comfortable environment and a nurturing treatment can allow healing to take place.

The Benefits of Reflexology

Research suggests that reflexology may be particularly beneficial for:-

People living with Cancer– reflexology can be helpful for people living with cancer, in a supporting role. Clients have reported a reduction in symptoms caused by chemotherapy such as nausea, pain, constipation and diarrhoea. It can also help with sleep and anxiety.

Arthritis and osteoarthritis - patients reportedly feeling up to 40% less pain

Hypertension - a common risk for heart disease, reflexology may help with the reduction of blood pressure.

Anxiety, Stress and depression - The deep relaxation experienced can lower stress. Regular reflexology may also calm, lift mood and help with anxiety.

Circulation - thought to improve blood circulation to vital organs. This in turn can result in improved healing and regrowth of damaged cells.

Pregnancy, PMS and the Menopause - may help to balance hormone levels and help to ease any related stress, aches and pains and even reduce the risks of post-natal depression.

Reflexology may also help:-

  • Stimulate the nervous system
  • Restore balance within the body
  • Ease insomnia, digestive issues and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Ease back pain, general muscular aches and pains and headaches
  • Ease asthma and sinus problems

    For further information on how Reflexology can help with the Menopause click here and click here for Hypnobirthing and Pregnancy Reflexology.

    These sessions allow you to re-charge and support you to make any positive lifestyle changes you may wish to make. Putting aside time for Reflexology treatments can give you a chance to discuss your concerns, gain valuable support and help to lower symptoms, helping you to cope well at these times.

    As a counsellor, I am able to provide a confidential, non-judgemental and empathic space for you to be able to talk things through. Sometimes this is so important, especially if you are experiencing any difficulties or stress in your life. As a hypnotherapist I am well placed to teach you effective tools for stress-reduction if needed and can also provide a relaxation CD to help continue with stress reduction at home.

    What will happen during a treatment?

    A reflexology treatment will be carried out on bare feet and will take place while you relax on a couch or chair. Most people find the sensation pleasant and soothing, though occasionally some minor discomfort may be felt. This could indicate an imbalance in a corresponding part of the body and will ease as the session progresses. The treatment aims to leave you feeling calm and re-balanced.

    To find out how Reflexology can help you or to book an appointment in Frome or Shaftesbury, click here to email or call 0779 913 7378 .

  • Clinical Reflexology. footmap

    Interactive Foot Chart

    Please click on the image to see which parts of the feet link to which parts of the body.

    Clinical Reflexology. handmap

    Interactive Hand Chart

    Please click on the image to see which parts of the hand link to which parts on the body.

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