Client Testimonials

Below are written statements from clients describing their experience of working with me and what they found particularly helpful and beneficial.

Complimentary Therapies

“A friend recommended Nikki to me several years ago and I have been seeing her for regular treatments ever since. I’ve benefitted enormously from her help and credit her with helping me get back on my feet.

Nikki’s treatments are very gentle, like Nikki herself, yet also extremely powerful. I usually have a combination of Reiki and Reflexology. Reiki is both energising and yet very relaxing (in particular it helps with my headaches) and the Precision Reflexology is one of the most powerful treatments I have ever experienced – Nikki always picks up on whatever is currently happening within my body with an almost uncanny accuracy, and works on improving my health and well-being. 

Nikki is a skilled and professional practitioner with a lovely manner and a natural empathy. I have complete trust in her and am happy to recommend her.” Lizzie, Mere.

“I first met Nikki when I was suffering from severe stress several years ago. I found that Reflexology helped me a lot. I still have regular treatments, this helps me to get a lot of things in proportion and I would not want to stop it!” Mrs A, Dorset.

“Nikki is a highly professional and very intuitive practitioner. Her aromatherapy and reflexology treatments are deeply relaxing and I know that I am in safe hands with her.” Stella, Dorset.

“I have found reflexology to be extremely effective, enabling me to deeply relax and manage stress. The treatments have proved particularly helpful with my headaches and stomach/bowel problems.” J.S, Shaftesbury.

Hypnosis for relaxation

“When I first met Nikki I was very nervous but straight away I was put at ease by her calmness. I was there to help with my IBS/anxiety. It really helped to calm my mind down and make things more positive, which in turn calmed down my tummy. Each visit I came away more positive and more upbeat.” Cheryl, Shaftesbury.

Nikki is wonderful and so supportive and helped with my grief following the loss of a close relative and the anxiety I was struggling with at work. Reflexology, helped me through IVF attempts and I genuinely believe led to a successful pregnancy. I would (and have) recommend these treatments to everyone I know and I would highly recommend Nikki who definitely helped me change my life for the better.”  Vicky, Dorset.

“I have suffered anxiety for many years and with an increasingly more stressful work life it began to become something I could no longer manage on my own. The relaxation sessions first taught me how to relax, which had a hugely positive impact on my stress levels. This allowed me to address my stress and anxiety and put into place achievable strategies to overcome this debilitating affliction. I use these strategies daily and I am so grateful to Nikki for the work we did together. Nikki is experienced, knowledgeable and fantastic at what she does.”  Karen, Bristol.

"These sessions, together with meditation on a regular basis has helped me move on from depression that had been with me for some time. I now feel very strong again.” J.M, Dorset.