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Are you ready for Menopause?

Are you menopausal?
Are you finding it difficult to cope?
Are you struggling with hot flushes, anxiety or other symptoms?

Technically the term "menopause" refers to the end of menstruation.  However, in reality most women see the menopause as a transitional period. Studies show that women in the UK can experience menopausal symptoms for up to 14 years! During this time, some women may experience a number of unwanted symptoms:-

Physical   Emotional
Heavier or more irregular periods   Mood changes
Hot flushes/Night Sweats Anxiety
Insomnia  Difficulty concentrating
Vaginal Dryness Depression
Weight gain  Changes to libido and appetite

Not surprisingly these changes can be difficult to live with.

The menopause can also be a time in a woman’s life when significant changes are occurring. This transition time can include changes in relationships, in careers or in how you want to live the next phase of your life, to enable new beginnings!

My clients often tell me that they feel they have lost their way, that their sense of personal identity is changing and they would like help in regaining their confidence.

Of course each woman’s experience of the menopause will be unique.

These sessions can help mentally, physically, and spiritually to enable you to relax, stop worrying and take control of the next rewarding phase of your life. Knowledge is power...

These sessions look at menopausal issues at work, home and socially. It includes looking at what to eat, what to avoid and other effective ways to help you:-

Manage stress and Improve sleep
Reduce hot flushes
Lower anxiety
Raise mood
Manage your weight and adopting a healthier lifestyle
Raise energy levels
Boost your confidence and self-esteem
Build a new sense of personal identity

So how can you make your menopause a more positive experience?

Self-care plays a vital part, and it makes sense to look after your health and manage your symptoms in whatever way feels right for you, however it can be difficult to eliminate all of them. Instead, we can find ways to manage your reactions, implementing positive ways of thinking and coping strategies to help.

During your sessions you will experience deeply relaxing hypnosis sessions to reduce stress levels. Discover new ways to change the way you think and feel about yourself, plus how to use mindfulness, meditation and other relaxation techniques to support your symptoms. Learning these simple techniques relax the body and ride out the storm (whether the storm is physical or emotional). This together with implementing positive strategies and life-style changes can make a real difference allowing you to SAIL through this natural time!

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