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Hypnotherapy for Childbirth

Hypnosis can be very effective in helping you to feel more relaxed, empowered and more in control at this very special time.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy for childbirth uses a combination of hypnosis and positive visualisation, together with relaxation techniques and the use of special relaxation CD’s to use in-between sessions. This combination can help to:-        

  • Encourage deep relaxation
  • Lower anxiety and worry about the birth of your child
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Balance emotions and raise mood
  • Aid deeper and more restful sleep
  • Raise energy level

These sessions allow you the time to discuss how you want the birth of your baby to be and provide you with valuable support and encouragement at this important time. 

Hypnosis, with the use of relaxation techniques and visual imagery can be extremely effective in lowering anxiety and these techniques can also be very effective when used during labour. When a mother is relaxed and calm, the need for medication can often be less, which can reduce the risk of side effects for both mother and baby. Relaxation also encourages the production of the hormone oxytocin, which promotes strong and effective contractions, which can effectively shorten labour and lessen pain, enabling you to be more in control and ready to enjoy the birth of your baby.

If you would like to find out how Hypnotherapy can help with your fertility, pregnancy and/or childbirth, or to simply book a Hypnotherapy session in Shaftesbury, please call 0779 913 7378 or email.

Nikki Hutchinson


"“I have suffered anxiety for many years and with an increasingly more stressful work life it began to become something I could no longer manage on my own. The hypnotherapy sessions first taught me how to relax, which had a hugely positive impact on my stress levels. This allowed me to address my stress and anxiety and put into place achievable strategies to overcome this debilitating affliction. I use these strategies daily and I am so grateful to Nikki for the work we did together. Nikki is experienced, knowledgeable and fantastic at what she does.”  Karen, Bristol.

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